Our Value Proposition:

The CX Blockchain Institute is the worldwide authority focused on fulfilling blockchain for the CX (customer experience) industry. With operational and communication assessments, centers of excellence, industry awareness programs and training academies, we simplify blockchain implementations, create well-defined competitive barriers with our certification process, and accelerate path—to-revenue.

Our Unique Differentiators:

  • The Institute is delivering the CX Industry’s first and only:
  1. Certification process for the call center sites (near-shore, offshore, at-home)
  2. Training Academy (immersion workshops for operations / sales teams teaching how to communicate and sell CX Blockchain to the marketplace)
  3. Center of Excellence
  • Mid-market friendly
  • Low-cost entry
  • Vendor-agnostic blockchain technology implementation
  • CX Blockchain-in-a-box deployment, all-in package


  • Full-service CX Blockchain consulting / services company
  • Founded in 2019 by veterans in the BPO/CX industry
  • Worldwide Headquarters: preliminary agreement to be in Technology & Research Incubator, sponsored by UNLV at the UNLV/Harry Reid Research & Technology Park in Las Vegas (available October)


Our Partnerships:

The CX Blockchain Institute already maintains well-established relationships with leading companies whose technology and service contributes to the core solutions of the company’s Enhanced CX with Blockchain solution. Technology partners include Strong Block, and other agnostic Blockchain software solution providers. Call center optimization, research and communication partners include, Knowledge Executive and Ad Hoc Communication Resources.

The CX Blockchain Institute is also exploring potential channel and private labeling partnerships as an additional source of shared revenue.