The Global CX Blockchain Market Intelligence Report

Blockchain is a massively disruptive technology trend that is revolutionizing business operating models to offer early adopters a distinct competitive market advantage.

Within the contact center environment, blockchain’s application can deliver access to verified, accurate and relevant customer information, which can revolutionize CX, while also addressing fragmentation across engagement channels to shape meaningful and impactful omnichannel engagements throughout the customer lifecycle, while also increasing agent efficiency and effectiveness.

To contextualize this trend within the global contact center and CX environment, The CX Blockchain Institute, the worldwide authority dedicated to fulfilling blockchain in the customer care industry, commissioned Knowledge Executive to produce the 2019 – 2020 Global CX Blockchain Market Intelligence Report.

Download this research report to uncover the major trends and drivers shaping blockchain adoption within the broader business context and within contact center or CX environments. These include:

  • The use case for blockchain in various business contexts and industry verticals;
  • The drivers fueling the rise in blockchain adoption and implementation within operations across various business verticals;
  • How businesses are deploying blockchain for maximum impact to deliver a competitive advantage;
  • The current state of deployment within contact centers and broader business operations;
  • How blockchain can enhance agent efficiency and effectiveness and transform CX within your contact center operations;
  • The pain points or challenges within specific industry verticals that Blockchain could help solve in contact center or CX environments.